allow me to introduce myself

Donna Reimel Robinson

I've been married to my wonderful husband, Richard, since 1979. We have four children. Our oldest three are married, and we have eleven grandchildren. I'm a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and JOY Writers, a Christian writers' group. We meet about twice a month to critique each other's work.

My Writing Journey

It started in the year 1986-yes, way back then! My husband had a friend who wanted to write books. This got Richard interested in writing, which in turn propelled me into the book world. Not sure if I should write fiction or non-fiction, I wrote everything. But I didn't get very far before we moved our small family (two children at that time) to Ohio. There the Lord blessed us with two more children, and writing was put on the shelf.

However in 1991, when our youngest was six months old, I started writing again. Reading that a book author should get magazine articles published first, I plunged in and wrote twenty-one non-fiction articles within a year. I sent them out to magazines-and was rejected twenty-one times! But I also wrote a short fictional story and sent it to Standard Publishing, a Christian company that publishes Sunday School papers. It was accepted, and I actually received a check for $55! When I read that acceptance letter, it seemed the Lord was whispering, "Donna, I want you to write fiction." I've never written another non-fiction article.

In the 1990s, I wrote a couple novels and sent proposals out to publishers, but nothing was accepted. During that time, I was homeschooling our children. In 1997, when I received a final rejection for a proposal I had great hope for, I felt like the Lord wanted me to give up writing for awhile and concentrate on homeschooling. After all, our children's education was more important than my writing career.

For seven years, I sent out nothing. But I kept writing. Then in 2004, I began to submit proposals to editors. It wasn't until November of 2007 that I received my first acceptance letter from Barbour Publishing.

My writing journey has been long, but the Lord taught me many lessons in faith and perseverance. I'm excited to see what He has planned for my future.

The Name

My byline, the name under which I publish my books, is Donna Reimel Robinson. I've included my maiden name since there are over 2,000 Donna Robinsons in the USA! But there's only one Donna Reimel Robinson (me). The name Reimel has often been mispronounced. Our family pronounces it the German way: RHYME-ml.