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For the Love of Books

Originally Published: February, 2009

Can Callie trust her heart to a handsome stranger?

Callie Brandt thinks she's slated to be the town's next spinster librarian. But a gorgeous newcomer-who inexplicably finds her attractive-is hiding a secret, and Callie aims to find it out.

Lane Hutchins has been living a double life for years, and nothing bad has ever come of it. Until now. In tiny Ft. Lob, Wyoming, he unexpectedly falls in love. But how can he marry this sweet Christian girl unless he's willing to come clean about his past?

Can Callie help Lane let go of his bitterness and rediscover his faith in God?

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Reviews & Endorsements

Callie Brandt works in Ft Lob's library, combining two of her favorite things; books and the old Victorian house which was donated for the town library. Recently, funding for the library has been cut and there is gossip that the building will be torn down. But Callie has been distracted by a handsome stranger to town and her beloved library has taken second place.

Lane Hutchins seems to be at the library daily, checking out books, doing research and passing time with Callie, a soft spoken beauty with thick eye glasses. What is Lane's secret and what will become of the attraction he holds for Callie?

Brand new author Donna Reimel Robinson delivers a fresh storyline with likable characters and a setting straight from small town America in FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS. This sweet romance will leave you sighing. I am sure we can expect more engaging books from Ms. Robinson in the future.

This was a sweet story. Callie, an attractive librarian whose looks are hidden behind thick prescription glasses, finds satisfaction from working in the small town library. She knows she'll never find a man, and she's accepted that she'll always work in the library among the books. Although her sour-natured boss and nosy townspeople bother her, she still feels somewhat settled in the library. However, all of that changes when Lane Hutchins strolls into town, spending an inordinate amount of time in the library researching Yellowstone National Park.

Lane is smitten with Callie and is amazed when she shares her dreams with him. However, Lane has a secret...a secret he's not even sure he can share with Callie.

Like most Heartsongs, you can read this book in a few hours. It's a nice, sweet, heartwarming story that'll make you smile.

A reader named Brandy had some great feedback for Heartsong author Donna Robinson.

Brandy explained in her letter about several tragic events that have happened recently in her life. She said after reading For the Love of Books, 'I want to thank you. I just got over some bad feelings I had at God.... Your book has helped me a lot, and I hope you write more about Fort Lob and all its lovely people. God bless you.'

What a great reminder of the impact a spiritual message can have in a book.

Exceptionally good and original story for a new author. Not a dull moment!