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The Knotty Pine Chronicles

Originally Published: June, 2015

A 2-in-1 collection!

The Knotty Pine Chronicles is the paperback version of two digital books, Romance by Design and Romance in Recovery, with both stories under one cover. If you enjoy holding a paperback in your hands, this book is for you!

In Romance by Design, Goldie Silversmith is a church secretary who longs to get out of the church office and take a trip down to the altar. But she has no one to marry. Her brother, Mike, keeps setting her up with blind dates—men whom Mike says are great guys, but they turn out to be bald, short, fat, toothy... It makes Goldie wish she was blind! But one day Mike sets her up with a tall, handsome, interesting guy who actually makes her heart race.

In Romance in Recovery, Noelle's grandmother has just died and she's all alone in the world. Not one person from her past—except for him, and she hopes he never finds her. Tucker Shay is living the good life as a freewheeling bachelor—flying airplanes, playing basketball, flirting with girls. He has plenty of time to settle down and get married. Then tragedy strikes, and nothing is the same.

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